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Report on the Royal Harbour 1869 made to The Board of Trade by Captain Tyler, R.E., Captain W.H. Walker, and H.R. Williams, Esq. on the 5th June 1869. This fascinating document is in 24 pages and details a complete picture of the harbour at that time, including a brief history, condition and workings of the harbour, buildings & equipment, staff responsibilities, rates of pay, living accommodation, income, expenditure, schedule of rates, dues and charges levied, recommendations for cost improvements etc. etc. This is one of the most fascinating documents I have read on Ramsgate. (Large PDF file (87 mb) which, depending on your connection speed can take several minutes to download)

Annexed Plan of the Harbour (jpg 6.5 mb)
Annexed Plan of proposed Watch House (
jpg 3.45 mb)

Report on the Royal Harbour 1856  In 1853 Sir William Cubitt prepared an estimate for structural repairs to Ramsgate Harbour. In May 1855 he was instructed by the Board of Trade to prepare a further report on the state of these works. This 6 page report details the state of works, reasons for cost overrun, progress made and expected future costs. (PDF file 1.89 mb)
Annexed Plan of East Pier Head (
jpg 3.95 mb)
Annexed Drawing showing condition of East Pier Wall (
jpg 4 mb)

Programme for the Royal Palace Theatre, Sunday October 18th 1908, listing events and many adverts for local businesses. (jpg 2.17 mb)

Adverts  A collection of local business adverts (opens an index page)

Richborough Power Station booklet by the Central Electricity Generating Board detailing the construction and workings of the station. 12 pages in PDF format (approx. 10 mb).

Readable Version - pages in consecutive order

Printable Version - pages laid out for A5 booklet printing (printed both side on A4 paper and folded)

Official Register of Hotels, Boarding Houses and Apartments, 1939. Published by the Ramsgate Publicity Committee this 20 page booklet lists names, addresses and rates charged. (PDF file, approx. 10 mb)

Pegwell Bay Tunnels  Sketch plans of tunnel systems in Pegwell Bay.
Block House and tunnels under the Belle Vue Inn previously a military Block House

Tunnels under Coast Guard Cottages, Pegwell sometimes known as 'Witches Kitchen' or Catacombes

Cannon Brewery Invoice dated 1837 from Whitbread of London to the Cannon Brewery for the shipment of 20 Barrels of Porter by sea.
Main Document and also Postal Address

Alderman ABC Kempe was made a Freeman of the Borough of Ramsgate on the 23 March 1950 in recognition of his leadership during his five consecutive years as Mayor and Chief Magistrate.

Program for the Presentation (PDF 4.5 mb)

Freeman Certificate (jpg 600 kb)

Municipal Banquet to the retiring Mayor Alderman Capt. W. T. Smith, J,P.  held at the Granville Hotel on the 9th November 1930

Plan of Tables cover

Plan of Tables

Fire Brigade War Time Crew Sheet detailing sub stations and  their crews posted around Ramsgate. Exact date unknown.

Ramsgate Sprint Programes  A number of programmes for the motorcycle sprints that were held at Ramsgate in the 1950s & 60s. (PDF files of approx 4mb)

San Clu Hotel Brochure date unknown but includes a couple of pictures of the interior and prices (PDF 7 mb)

What’s On Day by Day Guide for Thanet, Holiday Week ending 21st September 1963 (PDF 23 mb)