Pratts was a trading name of the Anglo American Oil Company which became known as Esso in 1936. Pratts Ramsgate depot was in Lorne Road, from where a lot of the petrol was supplied in two-gallon cans as the smaller customers didn't have storage tanks. It was supplied in different grades with each grade having a different colour painted on the top of the can. Pratts cans were green all over for the cheapest grade, the next grade had a silver top for ‘High Test’, then there was,’ Benzole Mixture’ with an orange top, ‘Ethel Mixture’ had a pink top and a racing fuel with a gold top.

Pratts delivery horse and cart

Pictured above is one of the carts that operated out of Lorne Road. The picture was taken outside the water tower in Southwood Road. The driver is Alf Miller.

Pratts Talbot lorry at the Sandwich Depot. Driver is Afl Miller and his mate is Sid Finch.

Pratts had a filling plant at their Sandwich depot (above) where all empty cans had their tops repainted and new leather washers inserted into the brass screw caps before being refilled. The smaller depots, including Ramsgate, were closed around 1936. In this picture is Alf Miller with his driver’s mate Sid Finch.

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