Listed here is a collection of short articles on various aspects of Ramsgate’s past. If you can add to them or correct anything please email us at: admin@ramsgatehistory.com

A.B.C. Kempe  

A short write-up, press reports and photos of Ramsgate’s famous Top Hat Mayor

A.R.P. Tunnels under Ramsgate

Details of WWII shelters and proposed Cold War bunkers

Biking in the Sixties  

Former Invicta Motor Cycle Club member Ken Frewin recalls some motorcycling experiences back in the sixties

Sir William Curtis
“Billy Biscuit” as he was known was a colourful character, friend of Royalty and millionaire who resided at Ramsgate and was instrumental in Ramsgate Harbour becoming the only Royal Harbour in Britain

Dover Patrol 1914  

In late July 1914, with war looming, the fledgling Dover Patrol was born became one of the most important Royal Navy commands of the First World War. Many ships were operated from Ramsgate.

Electric Tramways & Lighting Co. Ltd  

The Electric Tramways & Lighting Co. Ltd operated a tram service which linked Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate. One tram crashed 30 feet over the cliff.

Fire Brigade  

A short printable history and pictures of Fire Fighting in Ramsgate (pdf 3.1mb)

Fishermen Riots

Press cuttings of Fishermen Riots in Ramsgate, 1838

Invicta Motor Cycle Club by Les Miller  

A brief history and some recollections of the Invicta Motor Cycle Club

Invicta Motorcycle Club Memories by Barry Smith

Invicta Motor Cycle Club Newsletter April 1953

Invicta Motor Cycle Club Programme May 1953

Jubilee Pageant  

In 1934 Ramsgate celebrated its Jubilee of Incorporation with a Pageant in Ellington Park.

Lord” George Sanger  

George Sanger was born the son of a farmer, press ganged into the Royal Navy where he was wounded at the Battle of Trafalgar. He subsequently received a pension of £10 a year and a letter from a grateful government saying that he was entitled to pursue any lawful trade he wished, without restraint, in any part of the kingdom. He built his circus empire and made a big impression on Ramsgate.

Marina Memories  

A personal recollection of a former Marina Drive resident who also worked in the area for many years.

New Newington Estate

1925 Abstract of Title relating to the New Newington Estate comprising Telham Avenue, Marden Avenue, Fairlight Avenue and Cheriton Avenue

Pratts Perfection Spirit  

Pratts Perfection Spirit was a trading name of Anglo American Oil Company. They had a depot in Ramsgate and Sandwich.

Ramsgate Fishermens’ Roll of Honour

Sailors’ Home Roll of Honour, compiled and Edited by J P Kelleher

A transcript and research of the Ramsgate Fishermens’ Roll of Honour displayed in The Sailor’s Church at the Royal Harbour of Ramsgate

Royal Palace Theatre (Sanger’s Amphitheatre)  

George Sanger built his Amphitheatre complex on the corner of High Street and George Street in 1883. It later became known as The Royal Palace Theatre. Once one of Ramsgate’s premier venues it was demolished in 1961. View a Programme for Sunday, Oct. 18th, 1908.

Sea Cadets

A short story of the beginnings of the Ramsgate Sea Scouts

Secret Tunnel at Chilton  Memories of a secret tunnel to the sea at Chilton from a newspaper article.

St George’s Schools  A brief history with maps and pictures

Trains Come to Ramsgate  

A brief history of the arrival and rationalisation of trains at Ramsgate including details of the three stations and two accident. View the Official Accident Report of a train crash at the Town Station on 11th March 1913.

Tunnel Railway  

A short history of the Tunnel Railway taken from an article in the Daily Mail on 11 March 2010.

Twist to Ramsgate  

The invention of the motorcycle twist grip can be credited to a Ramsgate electrician

Click HERE to view the patent document

Walk Home from School c.1938

An old Ramsgateonian takes a walk home from school via the harbour, remembering many activities of interest.

Walk the Liberty Boundary

Take a 3½ mile walk around the old Liberty Boundary of Ramsgate with narration and pictures.

Walk Through St Lawrence

An old Ramsgateonian takes a walk through St Lawrence on his way to school c.1930.

War Time Experiences  

A few recollections of the Second World War in Ramsgate